“Roku” to overturn Netflix’s lead?

  • Roku has been one of the most successful streaming sites as of 2019 with an over 370% aggregate growth
  • Roku is growing at a faster rate than Netflix did during this stage of their respective development

Roku’s streaming business is growing faster than Netflix was at a similar stage in the company’s life, according to analysts at William Blair.

The firm said it expects Roku to reach 80 million active accounts by 2025.

“In our view, Roku will experience similar phased stages of international growth as Netflix did during its international expansion,” analyst Ralph Schackart said in a note to clients Tuesday.

Shares of Roku, which sells its own streaming devices with thousands of channels and also provides an operating system for smart TVs, have been on a tear this year, climbing nearly 370% since January.

Earlier this month, Roku topped expectations on its second-quarter earnings and said it reached 30.5 million active users during the quarter, up 39% from the same period last year and 1.4 million more than it had in the prior period. Schackart said Roku’s active account growth is tracking ahead of Netflix at parallel stage.

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