Walmart to reduce its market share and the sale of ammunition

Story by jack hackett davis

Rifle bullets on wood table with low key scene

Walmart has pledged to reduce its share in the ammunition sale industry from about 20% to 5%. The retail giant has taken the stance to no longer offer .223 and 5.56 calibre ammunition once stocks are sold out.

This decision comes on the hilt of increased gun violence and in particular one such incident involving a gun-man who marched into a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas and opened fire killing 22 people.

Walmart has been a long standing dealer in arms and ammunition servicing many hunters and sport based including military enthusiasts with their weaponry needs.

This led to some persons taking the stance to openly brandish their weapons in Walmart stores as a position “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” theme and to reinforce their right to bear arms.

It is noteworthy that Walmart CEO has refused to curtail the sales of weapons themselves indicating they had a proud heritage of servicing local sport and huntsmen.

Jawdropworthy sought comment from a representative at Walmart who indicated that whilst gun violence remains a live and active issue. Walmart will do all in its power to ensure these incidents do not reoccur. The individual (who does not wish to be named) further stated we have issued warnings about openly brandishing weapons. The retail giant remains committed to servicing the industry within the confines of law and legislation.

What are your thoughts?

It was only matter of time before our shit got taxed…well not exactly but close enough

story by: Jason Hamil Ford, blogger and

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