weekly travel destination 01.09.2019 Why visit the Florida Keys?

by Mark Dixon

Do I need to say more:

  1. hot dudes and babes
  2. warm weather
  3. magaritas and cocktails with little umbrellas

The Florida keys is often thought of as the hurricane centre of the US. However, there isn’t a place that can recover that fast.

It’s as fast a recovery as when my wife is ill and I tell her…going out with the boys and suddenly she her voice is no longer stifled and hoarse.

Anyhow, back to why the keys?

Think of the keys like walmart or amazon…your one stop shop. The Florida keys bring together a rich experience of culture, food, sport and much more. Whether your tastes are more historical and artsie you have several art galleries to choose from and the world famous Spiegel Grove Shipwreck or whether you prefer scuba and kayaking and an adventure in the sun. The Florida keys has it all.

Regardless of your puruit. No trip to the keys is worth doing without a visit to the Theatre of the Sea where you can book an eco tour, swim with the dolphins and much more. So what are you waiting on?

Me? I’m just waiting on permission from the mrs….lol

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