Hit or mis management

Scene from Netflix series Billions

By Melissa Keane

There is a reason the wealthiest people are over a certain age. Most are over 50. Its for several reasons but the most common theme has to be that they have perfected and honed their craft. They have failed and made mistakes and travelled a road full of lessons.

Lessons which have inculcated in them the qualities necessary to manage billion dollar empires.

For those who follow the Netflix series billions of which I am an avid fan, they would soon come to realise something about its lead character Axe. He is not only brilliant but he knows the ins and outs a billionaire empire-when to act, when to hold, when to fold, when to spend. They are qualities that cant be learnt but must be lived.

Too often faith or wealth management is placed in the hands of those yet to develope these attributes. The results speak for themselves….losses.

If you cant manage $1000.00 you certainly cannot suddenly manage one million…and no, you cant pay someone to do it either you must possess the oversight skill.

Perhaps this is a valuable lesson for all aspiring to achieve wealth at a young age.

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