Should we worry about worrying

By. Jack Hackett Davis

No one likes worries. Some people worry more than others, some people worry about everything, some people couldn’t care less if the sun rose in the west.

What is the effect of worrying? According to Bystritsky A, Khalsa SS, Cameron ME, Schiffman J. Current diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders. P T. 2013;38(1):30-57, anxiety involves feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension. Anxiety is typically experienced on cognitive, emotional, and physical levels. It is often the most extreme form of worry and is a clinical diagnosis.

As humans we are biologically inclined to pick up on another’s distress. It’s the reason why we can tell when a co-worker is having an off day or when a person is uncomfortable in a particular situation. Indeed, it is perhaps a necessary element of survival.

Looking at another person who is worried is no different. They are often dazed, zoned out and in seem either unsettled or focussed. But is this necessarily a bad thing; society often tells us that we should not worry or hey don’t sweat it, it will be okay….truthfully most times it probably wont be okay but guess what…that’s also okay.

Worry is a powerful tool and decision maker-it can help correct our actions, guide more sound decisions in the future etc. In fact worrying about something helps us to think it through…a critical part of good decision making. Whether this be in finance or in life.

So yes worry a bit…it will help

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