The subtle part of where everyone wants to go

By Mark Dixon

I re-read that headline and I was like oh boyyy….that could be taken in so many ways.

Welcome to Monte Isola, Italy. Most people when they hear Italy, immediately think Bora Bora or Venice. The most talked about and sought after tourism destination. Remember that reference to the girl in high school in last week’s article ‘the definition of a hidden gem‘…well Monte Isola is the quiet girl in the corner who also happens to amazingly gorgeous.

But don’t let that fool you. She will seduce you with her infamous art by Cristo, her docile village life aura and all with a local charm, simplistic yet savoury and covered in a sweet but tangy adventure area with profound love of nature and the smell of fresh fishing nets and markets….ok not sure if I’m hungry or turned on LOL.

For us climate change and green advocates. Monte Isola has one of the lowest carbon footprints ever with its ban on vehicles and lush natural forested areas.

Next time you are in Italy, take a boat over (yes its an island) and tell jawdropworthy about your adventures.

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