This is NOT a blog…its a, well hell I have no clue what this is so you just gotta click around and see for yourself.

Your weekly dose of corny humour, knowledge and positivity….cuz hey we all get down sometimes but lets not dwell there 🙂

welcome to jawdropworthy

We are only just getting started….you see we had this cool idea that people can use more than just cool business stories, latest financial news, amazing new gadgets and stories of silicone valley on a daily basis but also a lovely pick me up, some funny memes and ofcourse simple yet amazing life stories from around the world.

The next great thing

what’s any nation, any people, any culture, any idea without promulgation. Here at jawdropworthy we give anyone…..yes anyone…the chance to send us a story/idea/invention that they wish the world would know about.

Why do this?

  • get your idea in front millions of viewers
  • get support for a venture, or;
  • just share something unique with the world today 🙂

Most people think their reasoning side of the brain makes the best decisions….ha…its in those instinctive movements, those random thoughts, a fleeting glance that often decide the future to come.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • What makes what I have or want to do different from what’s already being done;
  • Is it already being done?;
  • How can improve what is already existing?;
  • How is this going to benefit people or add value to their lives?

Now don’t overthink it now….let it come naturally