The “Gurus” scammer info

By Melissa Keane

How many of us have been sold the get rich quick dream or if not so overt…how about the earn a healthy passive income dream.

We recently posted an article called ‘new age wealth‘, where we discussed the value of having a lot of wealth which we now equate with a lot of money. Truth be told in the modern age its actually quite possible to have a side hustle and passive income stream for very little capital or investment in order to grow your wealth. This can be through maybe forex trading, freelance writing or social media marketing.

Its much easier in the modern world to grow a business remotely than it ever has. With the advent of social media and follow on remote services such as ecommerce, upwork, fiver etc. Indeed many persons make a successful living with these tools. But can you do it?

Yes and no. When a person hears about a guy who made 10 million dollars off leasing person’s properties on airbnb or a person who made 50k in sales in their first month of ecommerce, we immediately think that this could be us when there are a whole lot of factors that say…no it cant be you.

Some of these factors are 1. paid advertising-they don’t tell you that they spent over 30k in advertising 2. Early niche bubble-many people view online businesses as a stock in trade get in, get paid, get out-they attack a market need capitalise on it and get out. 3. Connected-many of these persons have built up influencer status-its easy for an influencer to establish a business as they already have a following…take for eg. kylie jenner and her make up brand or youtube sensation starting his own video training academy.

Do you now see why you can’t do it too? You would soon realise that many of these businesses soon move to ‘guru’ status. They made their money, have their following now they take money from you to teach you the same. This tells me one valuable lesson that many of these businesses are not sustainable in the long run

If they were they would still be doing it and not selling to us. This means they get a ‘one off’ showing but hardly repeats, it may simply be that the service did not yield for the customer what they expected or maybe its something persons don’t need regularly like a boxing glove brand.

They may be brilliant at what they do and brilliant for capitilising on a trend but remember trends pass…nothing is wrong if we catch one and ride the wave a bit but don’t count on a guru telling you how to…they have already catched theirs.

Should we worry about worrying

By. Jack Hackett Davis

No one likes worries. Some people worry more than others, some people worry about everything, some people couldn’t care less if the sun rose in the west.

What is the effect of worrying? According to Bystritsky A, Khalsa SS, Cameron ME, Schiffman J. Current diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders. P T. 2013;38(1):30-57, anxiety involves feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension. Anxiety is typically experienced on cognitive, emotional, and physical levels. It is often the most extreme form of worry and is a clinical diagnosis.

As humans we are biologically inclined to pick up on another’s distress. It’s the reason why we can tell when a co-worker is having an off day or when a person is uncomfortable in a particular situation. Indeed, it is perhaps a necessary element of survival.

Looking at another person who is worried is no different. They are often dazed, zoned out and in seem either unsettled or focussed. But is this necessarily a bad thing; society often tells us that we should not worry or hey don’t sweat it, it will be okay….truthfully most times it probably wont be okay but guess what…that’s also okay.

Worry is a powerful tool and decision maker-it can help correct our actions, guide more sound decisions in the future etc. In fact worrying about something helps us to think it through…a critical part of good decision making. Whether this be in finance or in life.

So yes worry a bit…it will help

The subtle part of where everyone wants to go

By Mark Dixon

I re-read that headline and I was like oh boyyy….that could be taken in so many ways.

Welcome to Monte Isola, Italy. Most people when they hear Italy, immediately think Bora Bora or Venice. The most talked about and sought after tourism destination. Remember that reference to the girl in high school in last week’s article ‘the definition of a hidden gem‘…well Monte Isola is the quiet girl in the corner who also happens to amazingly gorgeous.

But don’t let that fool you. She will seduce you with her infamous art by Cristo, her docile village life aura and all with a local charm, simplistic yet savoury and covered in a sweet but tangy adventure area with profound love of nature and the smell of fresh fishing nets and markets….ok not sure if I’m hungry or turned on LOL.

For us climate change and green advocates. Monte Isola has one of the lowest carbon footprints ever with its ban on vehicles and lush natural forested areas.

Next time you are in Italy, take a boat over (yes its an island) and tell jawdropworthy about your adventures.

New Age wealthfront?

By Melissa Keane

Last week we posted an article on hit or miss management. There seems to be a growing trend of either 1. get rich quickly 2. save and live cheaply to have growing wealth in later years. I find both to be the most ridiculous things ever.

Firstly, let us assume we are in our late 20’s to early 30’s, we don’t go on a single vacation, we buy cup noodles daily, we sleep in a cheap one bedroom apartment all so that we can save $4000-$5000 at the end of the month. We turn 45 and through this saving and carefully planned investments we have $1.5M in the bank….but guess what-we can’t run like we used to, we aren’t as strong as we used to be, we have now to take care of our parents who are older, we got kids….so yeh, where was your grand plan to enjoy this money now? Here you are spending it now on everything but yourself….whoop congratulations!

Next, we follow some trend we make a tonne of money we go on lavish vacays, a few years later trends and fads fall off…we have no defined skillset because all we ever followed were ‘gurus’, we are now saving because revenue has fallen….or worst we are in debt. We have no record, no track and we are virtually unemployable.

Two important concepts come to my mind for anyone ever having read the book ‘rich dad poor dad‘. If you have to ‘save’ money by depriving yourself of a starbucks coffee…you don’t have a budgeting problem, you have an income problem. If you can’t make enough to enjoy life a bit whilst ensuring a healthy saving, again you have an income problem. If you can’t enjoy life with the wonders of youth, you have a priority problem.

I once had a very wealthy businessman said to me “you know i squandered my youth, I spent every penny I made, I drank, I travelled and I went after every girl willing to hop in bed with me…and I don’t regret a moment of it.” I lived, now I am in my 60’s I can’t do any of those things…hell I need pills for stuff now that I once took for granted. But guess what, now I can sit in my office, now I can work, now I can get up in the morning have a coffee and attend my meetings….to me I have been wealthy all my life despite not having a cent in my bank account some days.”

What’s your priority?

Hit or mis management

Scene from Netflix series Billions

By Melissa Keane

There is a reason the wealthiest people are over a certain age. Most are over 50. Its for several reasons but the most common theme has to be that they have perfected and honed their craft. They have failed and made mistakes and travelled a road full of lessons.

Lessons which have inculcated in them the qualities necessary to manage billion dollar empires.

For those who follow the Netflix series billions of which I am an avid fan, they would soon come to realise something about its lead character Axe. He is not only brilliant but he knows the ins and outs a billionaire empire-when to act, when to hold, when to fold, when to spend. They are qualities that cant be learnt but must be lived.

Too often faith or wealth management is placed in the hands of those yet to develope these attributes. The results speak for themselves….losses.

If you cant manage $1000.00 you certainly cannot suddenly manage one million…and no, you cant pay someone to do it either you must possess the oversight skill.

Perhaps this is a valuable lesson for all aspiring to achieve wealth at a young age.


Story by Melissa Keane

  • The majority of the world’s visible wealth has illicit or illegitimate sources
  • The larger the source the more difficult it is to normalise
  • We are now in the data and technology revolution

Softbank is coined with many so called champions of Silicone Valley. From Uber to the more recently controversial Wework.

I sat with a renowned expert in money laundering and conversions. Generally, money can be cleansed on a large scale by one giving the funds to a capital entity through an offshore account, having the entity give loans at exorbitant interest rates and re-pay sums directly coined as interest payments or investments. The other way is simply to mix illicit sums with that of small ordinary businesses that are cashflow heavy. The problem with the second option is that it requires a massive network to clean millions and is difficult to monitor and manage.

Facebook, google and amazon have led a generation into an arena where a start-up can go from 0 to a million dollars in sales in a one month. A feat unprecedented. It is easy to see how this can be attractive to any investor.

Are we all naive to think all these investors come from legtimate sources. Indeed a large amount may but no bank or investment company should be accused of money laundering easily. It requires extensive forensic audits and trails. None of which currently exists.

We must admit though that something smells off.

Uber so a fledgling IPO and Wework did not even go public. Both these entities were hailed to be the future in their respective fields.

With the disappointments the question remains looming…will Silicone Valley continue to be a hub for billion dollar investments no matter their uncertainty. Most judge the success of the big corporations on the success of those around or providing support services to them. This is hardly the truth.

In fact the hardware nextdoor to the roofing company may well be making a loss. Market dynamics are much more complex.

Let us hope this be a lesson for investors and not ‘lucreation’-a term coined by jawdropworthy news for something where its lucrative look and potential has been inflated or falsely created.

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